Cemetery markers and records are an excellent source for genealogy research as you will most likely find the birth and date dates of an ancestor. On this page you will find some helpful resources in your quest to trace your roots. Some are free and some are not. All links will open in a new window.

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Bell County Cemetery Links

Digital Archives Library - our online archives include Bell County cemetery inventories, obituaries, and death records

Cemetery Transcription Project - ongoing effort to store Bell County cemetery lists online in the archives for free research

Bell County Cemetery Coordinates - listing of Bell County cemeteries known to the US Geological Survey, including navigational coordinates and region.  As of July 2002, this only lists 55 cemeteries, but should include all the major ones.

USGenWeb Tombstone Transcription Project (Bell County TX)

BellNet Cemetery Database - another list of known Bell County cemeteries

Bell County Cemeteries on Findagrave.com - Great resource for interments and grave photos!

Enhanced Cemetery Pages for Bell County

An ever-increasing collection of pages, each dedicated to detailing
a specific Bell County cemetery.  Check back often for new pages!

Allen Cemetery Antioch Church Cemetery Bartlett Cemetery Bell Plains Cemetery
Blackburn Cemetery Boone-Hamlin Cemetery Bottoms/Arthur Cemetery Brown Cemetery
Buckhorn Cemetery Cedar Creek Cemetery Center Lake Cemetery Cyclone Cemetery
Czech National Cemetery Dallas Cemetery Dulaney Cemetery Dyess Cemetery
Dyess Grove Cemetery East Belton Cemetery German Methodist Cemetery Greathouse Cemetery
Hamblen-Aiken Cemetery Herrington Cemetery Hill (Midway) Cemetery Hillcrest Cemetery
Hodge Cemetery Holland Cemetery Keeney Family Cemetery Killeen City Cemetery
Lancaster Cemetery Little Flock Cemetery Little River-Wilson Valley Cemetery Live Oak Cemetery
Maxdale Cemetery Mayberry Cemetery McCann Cemetery McDowell Cemetery
McLean Cemetery Mesquite Cemetery Moffat Cemetery Moody-Leon Cemetery
Mt Zion/Temple Garden of Memories NBCA Cemetery New Hope/Evergreen Cemetery North Belton Cemetery
Ocker Brethren Church Cemetery Old Troy Cenetery Oliver Cemetery Pendleton Cemetery
Pleasant Hill Cemetery Pleasant View Cemetery Post Oak Cemetery Quinteros Cemetery
Reed Cemetery Reed's Lake Cemetery Resthaven Cemetery Roberts Cemetery
Robertson Family Cemetery Salado Cemetery Seaton Cemetery Seven Star Cemetery
Sharp Cemetery Shiloh Cemetery St John's Lutheran Cemetery St Paul Lutheran Cemetery
South Belton Cemetery Stockton Family Cemetery Sunshine Cemetery Taylors Valley Cemetery
Theo Cemetery Volo Cemetery West Salado Cemetery Wedel Cemetery
Whitehall Everrest Cemetery      

General Cemetery Resources

Texas Historic Commission Historic Cemetery Program - similar the to the state's historical marker program, this program is to recognize and record the historic cemeteries of Texas.  Bell County cemeteries currently recognized are Little River - Wilson Valley Cemetery, Moffat Cemetery, South Belton Cemetery, Willingham Cemetery, and the Old Salado Cemetery.  An application is underway for Taylor's Valley Cemetery and perhaps others.

Historic Texas Cemeteries - a comprehensive site by Donna Brand about the cemeteries of Texas.  Check it out!

Cemeteries of Texas - website dedicated to obtaining, creating, and presenting Texas cemeteries as they are today

Virtual Cemetery - an interesting site by genealogy.com on which you can browse and share tombstone pictures.  Sometimes a little buggy, but a great resource

USGenWeb Tombstone Transcription Project

USGS Coordinate Locator - great search tool for the US Geological Survey database of landmarks, including cemeteries.  Provides navigational coordinates and a map from the U.S. Census Bureau's Tiger Map Server.

MapQuest Latitude/Longitude Lookup - insert your USGS coordinates into this form to plot a directional map to find your location easier.  Also provides driving directions.

Terraserver - a great site jointly sponsored by USGS and Microsoft Research.  Insert the coordinates and view a satellite photo (usually 1997) and topographical map of the cemetery.  All of Bell County is photographed via satellite!

Maptech - online resource for topographical maps.  Search by place name or GPS coordinates

TopoZone - online resource for topographical maps.  Search by place name or GPS coordinates

DMS Converter - Convert geographic coordinates from degree, minutes, and seconds to decimal coordinates. Or vice versa.

Surveying a Cemetery - great page of suggestions for surveying and photographing a cemetery.  

Cemetery Junction

Cemetery Records Online

The Cemetery Column - articles about cemeteries

Save Texas Cemeteries - non-profit organization for saving Texas cemeteries

FuneralNet - Online resource for locating obituaries, funeral homes, cremation, and cemetery records.

About.com Cemetery Research Article

Cemetery Do's and Don'ts

Cemetery Restoration Toolbox - Great resource for cemetery/tombstone restorations

Association for Gravestone Studies - an organization for the purpose of furthering the study and preservation of gravestones.

Volunteer Here!

Below is a list of known Bell County cemeteries.  Those that are completed can be found in our archives section.  If you know of a source for other cemetery inventories you would like us to consider or would like to perform your own cemetery inventory, please contact our cemetery volunteer coordinator, Mary Duke.  We also have cemetery inventory work parties coming up, if you would like to be put on the list.  Whether you have a cemetery special to your heart or like to work on them in general, we definitely welcome your help!  Several our inventories were done back in the 60s and 70s, so we are making an effort to bring those current and supplement them with marker photos.

Initiated in 1999, the Cemetery Transcription Project for Bell County brought the count up to nearly forty by the end of that year.  By the end of 2007, we had over 130 cemetery inventories in our archives, thanks to our volunteers!

Since USGenWeb is strictly a volunteer organization, we could not accomplish this impressive task without fellow researchers stepping up to help out with the project.  You have our deep gratitude for your effort!  We count on your participation and that of new volunteers to keep this effort going.  Having the Bell County cemeteries online in a search-capable format is a major resource for researchers!

Most definitely, our thanks go out to the West Bell County Genealogical Society and the Bell County Historical Commission, who have granted us permission to transcribe their cemetery books.  We are fortunate to have their cooperation on this project and expect they will benefit as well by moving their data to this format.  While many cemeteries will need to be gradually inventoried, this will give us a major head start with the ones already done.


CEMETERY (Blue means enhanced page complete) Needs Photos Need Current Inventory Volunteer and/or date completed
Allen Cemetery     2007
Antioch Church Cemetery X    
Bartek Cemetery    
Karen Morey 2007
Bartlett Cemetery     2007
Bell Plains Cemetery X    
Bellwood Cemetery X X Lynette Davis
Bigham/Sparks Cemetery X X  
Blackburn Cemetery X X  
Boone-Hamlin Cemetery X X  
Bottoms/Arthur Cemetery     2006
Brown Cemetery     2006
Buckhorn Cemetery     2007
Burkes Family Cemetery X X  
Caddell Cemetery X X
Judy Palmer 2008
Carpenter Cemetery X X
Judy Palmer 2008
CD Eakin Grave  X X  
Cedar Creek Cemetery     2007
Cedar Knob Cemetery X X  
Cedar Valley Cemetery X X  
Center Lake Cemetery X X  
Cook's Chapel Cemetery X X  
Craddock Cemetery X X  
Cyclone Cemetery X X  
Czech National Cemetery     2006
Dallas Cemetery     2006
Dulaney Cemetery     2007
Dyess Cemetery X X  
Dyess Grove Cemetery X    
East Belton Cemetery X X  
Edgeworth Cemetery X X  
Embree Cemetery X X  
Ferguson (Three Forks) Cemetery X X Judy Palmer February 2008
Fort Griffin Cemetery X X Judy Palmer February 2008
Fulton Family Cemetery X X  
Garden of Memories (Killeen) X X  
German Methodist Cemetery X    
Goode Cemetery X X  
Greathouse Cemetery     2006
Hamblen-Aiken Cemetery     2006
Harrington/Duggan Cemetery X X  
Henington Cemetery X X  
Herrington Cemetery     Charlie Turnbo
Hill (Midway) Cemetery     2005
Hillcrest Cemetery X    
Hodge Cemetery      
Holden (Mountain View) Cemetery X X  
Holland Cemetery     2001 Steve Hendricks
Holland Family (Summers Mill) X X  
Hunt Family Cemetery (Bartlett) X X  
Hunt Family Cemetery (Rogers)     2006
Immanuel Lutheran Church Cemetery X X  
J B Kaderka Cemetery X X  
Jackson Cemetery X X  
Jodi Moore Grave X X  
Keeney Family Cemetery     2007
Killeen City Cemetery X    
Killeen Memorial Park  X X  
Kuykendall at Prairie Dell X    
Lancaster Cemetery X X  
Lankford Cemetery X X  
Lesikar Family Cemetery X X  
Lewallen Cemetery X X  
Little Elm Cemetery X X  
Little Flock Cemetery     2007 Rhonda Redden, Mary Duke
Little River-Wilson Valley Cemetery X    
Live Oak Cemetery X X Judy Palmer CRT Group January 2008
Maxdale Cemetery X X  
May or Way Cemetery X X  
Mayberry Cemetery      
McBryde Cemetery X X  
McCann Cemetery X    
McDonnell Cemetery X X  
McDowell Cemetery X X  
McKnight Cemetery X X  
McLean Cemetery     2006
Mesquite Cemetery      
Mitchell Cemetery X X  
Moffat Cemetery X   Mary Duke
Moody-Leon Cemetery     2007
Mountain View X X  
Mt Zion/Temple Garden of Memories X X  
NBCA Cemetery     2005
New Hope/Evergreen Cemetery     2005
North Belton Cemetery X    
North Belton Mexican X X  
Ocker Brethren Church Cemetery X X  
Oenaville Cemetery (New) X X  
Oenaville Cemetery (Old) X X  
Old Ferguson Farm Cemetery X X  
Old Troy Cenetery     2007
Oliver Cemetery     2007
Parrot Cemetery X X  
Peaceable Kingdom Property Cemetery X X  
Pecan Cemetery X X  
Pendleton Cemetery     2006
Pleasant Hill Cemetery X X  
Pleasant View Cemetery X X  
Post Oak Cemetery X X  
Prater Cemetery X X  
Proctor Cemetery X X  
Punchard Cemetery X X  
Quinteros Cemetery     2005
Red Ranger Cemetery X X  
Reed (private) Cemetery X X  
Reed Cemetery X X  
Reed's Lake Cemetery X X Carolyn Hunter, Bettie Sarver, Mary Duke
Resthaven Cemetery     2007
Roberts Cemetery     2006
Robertson Family Cemetery     2006
Rock Hollow Cemetery X X  
Rogers Cemetery X X  
Rosansky Farm Cemetery X X  
Rucker Cemetery X X  
Salado Cemetery     2006
Sara Mumford Taylor Cemetery X X  
Sarah Herndon Cemetery X X  
Science Hill Cemetery X X  
Seaton Cemetery X X  
Seven Star Cemetery     2005
Sharp (Temple) Cemetery X X  
Sharp Cemetery X X Penny Boyer
Shelton Cemetery X X  
Shenkir Cemetery X X  
Shiloh Cemetery X X  
Sibley Cemetery X X  
Simmons Cemetery X X Cynnamon Hines
Smith-Bigham Cemetery X X  
South Belton Cemetery X X  
St John's Lutheran Cemetery X X  
St Paul Lutheran Cemetery     2006
St. Joseph's Catholic Cemetery X X  
Stephen Kruska Grave X X  
Stewart X X  
Stockton Family Cemetery X X  
Stokes-Nelson Cemetery X X  
Stoneham X X  
Sunshine Cemetery X X  
Taylors Valley Cemetery     Joe Deaver
Theo Cemetery     2006
Trimmier Family Cemetery X X  
Turnbo-Moore Cemetery X X  
Volo Cemetery X   Mary Duke
Wallace Cemetery X X  
Wedel Cemetery X X  
West Salado Cemetery     2006
Whitehall Everrest Cemetery     2007
Whitely Cemetery X X  
Willingham Springs Cemetery X X  
Willis Cemetery X X  
Winkler X X  
Wright and Michalk Cemetery X X  
Young Cemetery X X